Building Web Presence Through Website Branding: How and Why?

Website Branding, what is it and why use it? defines branding as, a kind, or variety, of something distinguished by some distinctive characteristics. So if you take that and apply it to website strategy, then you get a plan for action that will not only improve website stickiness, but will start to gain the trust of your visitors as you continue your web presence.

Now that we established the why, here’s the how. From what I’ve been learning over time it has become crystal clear that you not only need to choose a web domain that is unique, but also, easy to remember, and has been SEO’d (incorporating specific keywords relevant to the kind of traffic you want to attract in your URL) if you decide to skip this step when building your website brand it’ll be like throwing your pearls to swines because the amount of conversions or participation (depending on your website) won’t match the amount of clicks you get in any way. I had to learn that the hard way.

Incorporating keywords into your website URL address is one example of how you can go about branding your website, but there are other ways too.  Take polls for instance they’re powerful branding tools because they allow your customers, visitors, readers, or whatever to express their opinions with the click of a button and i’m sure that we’ve all had at least one friend to refer us to some crazy or hilarious poll they took and when we get to the website we end up getting side tracked exploring every inch of the site, you get so distracted that you end up never even taking the poll, which is why you went there in the first place. But now you’ve found this new site and all your impulses drive you to tell someone else about the site, then they go check it out, like it, then they go tell some people, etc… get the picture? Good.

If you’re looking to engage your readers or customers (which you should be) more than before video or audio is great for doing this. When it comes to video embedded video is the best way to go because it’ll be easier than having visitors wait for some video player to buffer the video and then stall and then play. If you can try your hand at creating your own video to explain your website/blog/or product (45 seconds or less) and make sure to include a call-to-action type theme throughout the video so that your viewers will see that the video has an overall purpose and hasn’t just wasted 45 seconds of their life they won’t ever get back. Audio, can do the same thing, but since audio it is an unexpected event when you visit a website try to keep that short otherwise you risk deterring your visitors.

Photos, something I never knew until much after the fact was that simply adding a photo gallery to your blog or website will increase visitor participation by far! Besides photos can be linked to other pages on your website and will give you the option of receiving photo search engine traffic like Google Images or Yahoo Images that index pictures on for different websites and will help boost web presence.

Games, next to having polls and photo galleries are games! Who didn’t like playing games when they were a kid and now that they’re all grown up that option is rare. So take advantage of that by accessing what age bracket you believe to be the most likely to make a purchase or contribution on your website and then look to embedding games that have become very popular among them. If you have no idea what age bracket your target audience is in then don’t be ashamed to go the safe route, you can’t go wrong with Mario and Pacman. Not to mention the additional traffic you will get from search engines when someone looks for a vintage game that you host.

Last, but not least tickers. These are those scrolling sentences across the top or bottom of a website that gives information on a certain topic. Using tickers are easy ways to inform your readers about other information on your site that would be of use to them or they’re scroll info on a topic closely related to the main topic of your site, preferably a website affiliate of yours so that way you’re not losing revenue.

Well I’ve been talking about building web presence this whole time because A Strong Web Presence = Good Reputation for your website =  Instant Branding of your website.  Think of it this way would you buy from a website or contribute to a site that did have any website connections or “web presence” likely not.

Let me know what out come you have after applying these techniques.

p.s – If you can’t find embeddable content widgets are the next best thing.

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