Blogging For Profit, Does it Work?

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Who am I?  Why did I start this Blog?  What’s in it for you?…

Hello and Welcome to Blogging For Profit, My name is Jaleesa I have been blogging for the last two years or so and with the way the economy is about a year ago I thought I would give this blogging for money thing a try to see if it was for real.

Blogging for Profit is why I made this blog in the first place I tried it out in many different fashions I tried blogging about technology and how to edit and manipulate blog HTML code and thought that maybe if it got popular enough it would rake in some donations, blogging about games, movies, etc all with so advertisements that never got me more than a bunch of click through’s and only a few pennies to show for it.

So why keep blogging? Why not just give up, get depressed because I can’t find a 9 to 5  job, and then let myself go and over time I start looking like psychotic furby with my uncombed hair, grundy sweats, and no reason to pull myself out of bed in the morning?…I think I’ll let you figure that one out.

Now why am I telling you this because if you stuck in the same rut as I am or just want to promote your blog and earn some ranking power on search engines through free backlinks then Helllooo So Do I! What I purpose is this.. so long as you will respond to my post, comment on blogging for profit as a topic, reasons why you started blogging, and how you plan to approach the blog visitor deficit in an optimistic way, I will allow you to backlink to your non-adult/illegal blog for free(one link per post though) and you don’t have to worry that your participation is going to waste because I will undoubtedly be promoting this very blog! So no worries.

Now I know what some of you might think that backlinking is outdated and doesn’t effect your search engine rank but you go it all wrong! Although it’s one of the first ways to boost search engine rank it’s still one of the most effective and easiest ways to boost your rank on a search engine, don’t believe me then hear it from the experts >Click to see Article< Focus on the paragraph under ‘Search Basics’ Headline then come back and leave a comment on what you think.