What is Web Content & Why Should You Choose an Overall Main Topic and Stick to it?

We’ve talked about branding and building web presence, and we’ve just talked about the Psychology of Web Design so what’s next? It’s your Blog content.

It doesn’t matter if you put together the best web site color scheme that has ever graced the internet, if your content is terrible or irrelevant to your website’s, or webpage‘s, main topics than it’s pretty much like throwing your pearls to swine, it doesn’t do you or your potential subscriber/customer any good. So what’s in and what’s out when it comes site content? Well it all depends on your angle, the reason you created the website in the first place. Make sure to keep that in mind because this is what will generate your demographic and your content will follow suit. If you stick with the original purpose and only post content that’s relevant or that can create an analogy like relationship to your site’s main topic, example: a blog about Shopping is to Purchase as a post about Shoes is to Handbag ad. So do you see what I mean? If your blog is about shopping, then you wouldn’t post about travel agencies or host ads about low airline rates unless you shopped in a place that you had to travel to on an airplane.

Hosting Ads:
Since you’re reading this article, then it’s safe to assume that you’re interested in using your blog to generate a steady flow of extra income, so naturally you would host ads that use a pay-per-click or a pay-per-sale/download. But does what kind of ads you host matter? Yes, that’s the key to making any amount of money from per-click or per-sale ads. If the ads that you host on your blog offset your content, by being the polar opposite or they just don’t have any likeness to your content then, they aren’t ads any more they’ve just become space fillers. If you host ads that correspond with your blog posts and website topic then receiving your 1st commission payment isn’t very far-off. The alike the ads are to the reason someone decided to visit your site the greater the chance you have at getting a per-click and/or a per-sale commission!
Finding an ad provider that allows you to customize the ads that you display on your website is what you what you want to look for. I have already included some links to pay-per-click and pay-per-sale/download affiliate sites I found on the internet and checked out myself, these are really good sites for Vloggers and Bloggers. The pay-per-download link is best for vlogs and sites about entertainment or recreation. You get a free trial download for your blog surfers, but still you get $0.70 Per Download, and if they decide to buy a membership package (starting at $4.99) you get commission off that too! The other link I included was for a great pay-per-click affiliate website that allows you to host more than one form of marketing ads like in-text ads, full page ads, banner ads, and as well as a few others. This site pays $0.01 per click & they allow you to set the size, color, and ads you want to display, the number ads to display, and a few other options. Both sites feature of the easiest and fastest ways to generate income with a blog.
What did we learn today?
Blog posts and the ads that you host on your blog are considered the “Content” of your blog, the keywords you use in your blog post titles, site description, and meta tags are considered your “Website Topic”. The characteristics, or details, about visitors that viewed a page of your blog because the keywords used were of interest is your “Demographic” who are people that would be most interested in your content and that you would stand to generate the most income from. Not all ad affiliate sites are the same if you can’t customize your ad details then it’s time you realize you need to get a new affiliate site.
*Keep these things in mind when you’re choosing ad affiliates, blog content, and who you are advertising your blog to.